Did you know?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Six Robblees' buys and sells take-off wheels!



Did you know that we buy and sell used (take-off) wheels? Each wheel is inspected for

roundness and integrity, then identified for the proper fit. Wheels purchased from tire

shops and dealerships are considered take-offs. Wheels purchased from OEM factories

are considered new.


Take-off wheels are ideal as winter wheels by allowing you to put on seasonal tires

while avoiding mount/demount fees with each end of season, which saves you money.

With a large selection of steel as well as aluminum take-off wheels, Six Robblees' has

one of the largest inventories of used wheels on the West Coast. Contact one of our

counter sales professionals for help with the wheels that you are looking for!


If we dont have it, we can find it!